Prevent a ‘quarantine-bod’ with House Gym

Prevent a ‘quarantine-bod’ with House Gym

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We’re in lockdown. Our gyms are shut, kids are at home, grocery stores have limited food options and you’re worried that it will prevent you from reaching your fitness goals. Feeling bored, stressed and unable to progress in your fitness journey may push you towards constant snacking, unhealthy food choices and a more sedentary lifestyle; but it doesn’t need to! Here are 3 tips to stay on track from the comfort of your home - plus a perfect solution.


1. Recalculate your macros

Staying fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s the biggest secret of all: to lose weight you have to expend more energy than you consume, which means being in a caloric deficit and moving more.


If you’ve been losing weight successfully on certain macros, it’s time to recalculate them to prevent gaining excess fat during quarantine. This is because your macro targets are based on a number of factors including your basal metabolic rate (BMR), non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT) and the thermic effect of food (TEF). All these factors contribute to your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), which dictate your macro targets.

During quarantine, you’re moving less throughout the day and working out less, and at a lighter intensity. This means that your NEAT and EAT are lower, so you’re burning significantly less calories than usual. So if you were losing weight on 2,000 calories a day, this figure may now be around 1,700. Recalculate your TDEE using an online calculator like this.


2. Create a schedule

Keep active and on your game. You may not have to physically go to work or the gym anymore, but you still need to have the same mental discipline. Here are three tips to follow:

  • Wake up at the same time every day
  • Schedule your workouts at the same time every day
  • Plan your meals in advance

Quarantine isn’t an excuse to be lazy or undirected! Which leads us onto our next point...


3.  Get moving

The gym is closed, but that’s not an excuse when you have House Gym. If you’re new here, welcome - we’re taking the workout industry by storm with our home workout equipment that provides a full fitness experience, without leaving your living room.


Here are our key products that you need to get your hands on during quarantine to ensure you’re still making progress.


  • Alphaband pro resistance set - This set contains everything you need for your workout, including anti-slip handles, ankle bands, a door anchor, a storage bag and 5 resistance bands ranging in resistance.
  • Booty bands pro kit - Trying to work on those booty gains in time for summer? You need this kit. It contains 2 pilates rings, resistance bands and an ankle band, giving you everything you need to get toned thighs and a perfect booty.


How to use House Gym equipment


It’s time to get creative. Luckily for you, we have videos going through the equipment and how to set it up in your home, check this out. The best part about resistance bands and cables is that they act the same as weights - they provide external resistance that your muscles have to work against. During a resistance band exercise, your muscles are engaging with this tension which causes muscle damage, mechanical tension and metabolic stress - the three mechanisms of muscle activity.


If you’re struggling to know which exercises to do with your House Gym equipment, join House Gym Club today for full access to home workouts using only your House Gym equipment for whatever your goal.


You can work your whole body - from your triceps to your obliques and from your booty to your calves - all from home, using House Gym. Use quarantine as YOUR time. Cut the excuses, accelerate your progress, achieve results. Let’s go.