Alphaband Pro V2 Resistance Set

$59.97 $99.97
Set Style:
  • The Alphaband 100LB Set :
    2x Handles (Anti-Slip)
    2x Ankle Bands (Extra Comfortable)
    1x Door Anchor 
    1x Storage Bag
    1x Extra Light Fitness Band (Yellow) 
    1x Light fitness band (Green) 
    1x Medium fitness band (Red) 
    1x Heavy fitness band (Purple) 
    1x Extra heavy fitness band (Black) 
    Pro Set Also Includes:

        The Alphaband Mini Set:
        1x Extra light fitness elastic  
        1x Light fitness elastic 
        1x Medium fitness elastic 
        1x Heavy fitness elastic 
        1x Extra heavy fitness elastic 

        Perfect for losing weight, shredding fat, building endurance & gaining lean muscle!

        Ships FREE From Chicago! 

        (2-Day "Prime" Shipping Available)


        Our Alphaband Resistance Band Set™ is both for beginners and advanced individuals -delivering results that are extremely effective

        Workouts for every muscle group, from your legs, glutes and arms to back, chest and shoulders.

        NOTE: Due to the high demand for our Alphaband Resistance Band Set™ because of the virus and all gyms being closed we have almost run out of stock ... Order quickly before we're sold out!  


        DIFFERENT EXERCISES - designed to incorporate all the fundamental frill for an excess of 150 potential activities for all muscle groups - appropriate for any wellness level. Regardless of whether you need a total body exercise, or to specifically target one area- our kit can do it all.

        EASY SET-UP - with the included door anchor, handles and lower ankle straps, you can set up the elastic bands in seconds. Simply pick your ideal exercise, set up appropriately, and start your exercise. 

        GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT - the weight territory is ideal for getting the outcomes you need, regardless of whether you are hoping to assemble weight, tone your muscles, or consume muscle to fat ratio. 

        EXERCISE ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Have just a couple of moments daily, or experiencing issues finding an opportunity to work out? Don't worry about it! Due to the openness and snappy and simple arrangement, It enables you to do a couple of speedy sets at whatever point you have time and go on with your day. 

        PORTABLE - effectively folds up for simple storage & carrying. 

        WORKOUT AT- HOME - store our set in the included carrying bag and take it with you when traveling, out at the office, or any place where you are unable to gain access to a gym. 

        HIGH-QUALITY WITH LIFETIME GUARANTEE! - made of premium, high strength materials and built to last. If you have any issues, we're happy to send you a replacement set at any time.


        • 100% secure and protected payment
        • Your order will ship from either our Chicago or Los Angeles office 

        If you have any issues with your set, we're happy to offer a replacement - no questions asked!

        Buying items online can be a daunting task, so we want you to realize that there are absolutely zero risks in buying our House Gym products. If you have issues- we'll replace your products, no questions asked.

        From now on you can train WHENEVER and WHEREVER you want!

        You'll never be never tied to one place again. Exercise at home, at the gym or at work. The entire set fits easily in the included bag, so you can easily take the  Alphaband Resistance Band Set™ with you wherever you go

        Choose the weight!

        Not every workout and movement requires the same weight. It depends on which muscle you train. With our Alphaband set you can determine the weight yourself! The weight ranges from 10LB to 100 LB (When Stacked, Even More When You Add Alphaband Mini!) 

        Suitable for beginners and advanced athletes


        Easily put together the weight that suits you and your workout!


          In short, do you want to feel fit and healthy again in an easy way from home? Order our Alphaband Resistance Band Set™ now for the price of just a 1-month gym membership!

        • Q: How Soon Will I Get My Order?

          A: We're the leading supplier of resistance bands in the US, we process all orders within 24 hours of them being received- you can expect a shipping time of about 2-3 business days to door from there (Expedited Shipping is Available!)

          Your order will come directly from our Chicago office!

          We're also including our online no-equipment program (Included FREE with our HouseGym Club Membership Earlybird special), so you can get started right away- and be provided more value than you've paid for.

          If you have any further questions/concerns- feel free to email us at

          Thank you so much for your support! - The House Gym Team

        •  Q: Can Alphabands Take Place of Dumbells, Barbells & Other Free-Weights?

          A: Absolutely! Our exclusive design not only maximized customizability in each workout- as each muscle group requires different weight ratios - but it also creates a stackable resistance weight level equivalent to 150lbs!

          Q: Why Should You Invest in House Gym Products?

          A: The answer is simple, we pride ourselves on bringing premium, innovative solutions to each customer's health & fitness journey. Versatility, portability & usability are what we strive towards in order to take the headaches and unnecessary time out of working out.

          Q: Where Do Our Bands Ship From?

          A: We're a Chicago, IL rooted company with friends & a full team out in Los Angeles, California - here to make sure your experience is nothing short of the greatest!

        • Get faster results than ever before!

          Gyms are closed... Train safely from home!

          With every House Gym purchase, you get exclusive access to our online resources that include:

          - Our Certified Virtual Personal Trainers

          - Instant Earlybird Access to our Equipment-Free Home Workout Program While Your Order Is Processed. 

          Customer Email Support 7-Days/Week 8am - 11pm (Chicago Based)


          Your House, Your Rules. 

          The Alphaband system is specifically designed to help you perform different exercises and workout routines, so you can work out any muscle group in the body in countless ways, and get the results (and look) you want quickly and effectively, from the comfort of your own home.

          Forget your expensive gym membership (and the germs!) because our Alphaband kit will surely give you the same results with up to 150lb's of stackable weight (Alphaband Pro + Alphaband Mini set) in the comfort of your own home! Whether you are up for a full-body workout or have just a few spare minutes, our Alphaband Pro Kit is the perfect solution for you!

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