The AlphaMount


The Ultimate Addition to your House Gym!

Just install the AlphaMount on any granite, metal, or strong glass surface and get to work!

We understand any liabilities and inconsistencies that come with a product of this nature, so we encourage our customers to use it with their own discretion as we are not responsible for any injuries or damaged cause by the AlphaMount - however, we do offer a FULL refund policy if you don't love yours - just send it back (:

Our team has been developing and testing the mount with not only our staff but our internal trainers - and we have finally perfected the absolute strongest mount possible (rated for up to 150lbs of resistance when secured vertically- and 200lbs when mounted horizontally)

We recommend using it on countertops (granite, marble, anything story and secure) or tile flooring etc. to ensure a tight fit. You can test hold with a quick tug before usage to ensure your Alphamount is secure.

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